Monthly Archive: July 2020

Rambling on

Now some more blabbering about shit. I have always seen myself as the “new guy”, the everlasting n00b I get impressed when people mention they have worked the sec circus for 12-15 years. I’ve felt like the n00b ever since I was annoying the HELL out of opers on IRC back in the 90`s with all my questions, even if those things pushed me...

usb adapter under type c connector for laptop

Yet another link post

Heres another bunch of links from my evernote, same reason applies for this post, since limits on whats accessible, I place em here. 1

pink petaled flower outside chain link fence

A few links

Trying to collect great links is a shitty business, been using evernote for it but since work is limiting stuff at times I recon just to put them on a post here.Some will actually be working just fine though keep in mind that it is a running collection that is quite unsorted and been running for a year or more 😉 Am gonna try...

computer keyboard

Oh shit,

Hey there!Now to the always mandatory crappy “This is my…” But, not this time. The place you are visiting is a personal dumpsite for my never resting brain. There will be a mix of ideas, thoughts, stupidity and sometimes aquired knowledge. At times it will be kinda personal too whereas there might be a few totally off side things flowing out of the keys...